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DVA 3.0

New Generation of Imedos' leading technology for Dynamic Vessel Analysis

Optimised for dynamic vessel analysis the new DVA 3.0 focusses on funtional imaging providing detailed information on the vascular function and regulation of vessels.

DVA 3.0
Examination report


Image sequences of the ocular fundus are captured with high-precision optics and electronics and automatically analyzed in real time. As standard protocol, the retinal vessels will be stimulated with Flicker light to identify both the arterial and venous Flicker light Induced Dilation (FID).

Given an intact neurovascular coupling, the FID is an important biomarker to characterise the microvascular endothelial function or dysfunction.

Main features & benefits

  • Non invasive
  • Structured illumination (programmable) of the ocular fundus
  • High-precision optics, advanced analytical capabilities
  • Eye movement correction (eye tracking)
  • New LED Flicker light technology
  • Compact design for easy operation and a maximum of user flexibility


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