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Network Solutions

Client-Server Solutions

Enables multiple clients to connect to a shared Visualis Image-, Examination- and Patients-Database. The server components can be installed on a dedicated server or on the Visualis/SVA/DVA System itself. In this case the Visualis Software Visualis on this system is counted as 1 client and additional clients can be connected over the network.

The basic client-server solution contains 3 read-only client licences. Additional (also writeable) licenses can be added.

Visualis Connect - a remote workplace solution

"VisualIS connect" enables shared access to patients- and examination data at remote places like practices, home office or co-operation partners. Data can be delivered by wire (DSL, Ethernet, VPN, Internet) or by media like USB-stick or CD/DVD Media.

Visualis Connect is ideally integrated into our well known client-server network solutions.

Ideal also for Reader Models oder specialization in Co-operations.


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