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We provide our customers with a future-proof and attractive product portfolio for non-invasive retinal vessel analysis.

Dynamic vessel analysis

  • Dynamic Vessel Analysis
    Our globally unique technology of dynamic vessel analysis (DVA - Dynamic Vessel Analyzer) supports not only the analysis of the state but also of the functions of the vessels by a non-invasive video sequence.

Static vessel analysis

  • Static Vessel Analysis
    Screenable examination of the state of the retinal vessels, especially the early detection and monitoring of the progress of microvascular changes in individual fundus images, can be undertaken with our innovative systems for static vessel analysis (SVA - Static Vessel Analyzer) in perfect manner.

We are glad to announce the development of our new fundus camera RC-rodent a non-contact imaging source for the static and dynamic retinal vessel analysis has been completed.

For many years in the area of human medicine instruments from IMEDOS (RVA, SVA, DVA) are used successfully in practice and research. Main fields of applications are besides ophthalmology the diabetology, pharmacology, hypertension, nephrology, neurology and gynaecology. Extensive information you can find on our home page.

Now you can use the identical algorithm for examinations on animals. With this a direct comparability of the results of the animal experiment up to the transfer into the human medicine will be possible.

The contact lens dynamometer (after Loew) can be used among others for the measurement of retinal venous pressure.

In the past it was produced and sold by the company Meditron GmbH. As of June 2014 the distribution was taken over by Imedos Systems GmbH.

Information about the product can be found on the website of Meditron.


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