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Unusual scientific experiment at "High Altitude Fitness Jena"

Hoehenfitness at Jena

The mechanisms of adaptation of the human organism to hypoxia are investigated by the internists PD Dr. Christian Jung (cardiologist) and Dr. Thomas Neumann (rheumatologist) of the Jena University Hospital. On 11/24/2013 an extraordinary scientific experiment took place in the studio for "High Altitude Fitness" in Jena, where the adaptability of the human body was examined at low partial pressure of oxygen at high altitude. At twelve different subjects measurements of cardiac functions and oxygen absorption of the blood were performed in a simulated altitude of 5500 m. A central component of the experiment were the investigations into the function of the retinal vessels with the Dynamic Vessel Analyzer (DVA) from IMEDOS Systems UG. The data will be analyzed in the coming weeks and then hopefully contribute to the understanding of the adaptation processes of endothelial function in high altitude.


As soon as first results are available, we will report here about it again

Age: 02.12.2013


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