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Powerful biomarker for vascular medicine

IMEDOS User Meeting Retinal Vessel Analysis

Leipzig 2014 - from May 30th to June 01st

Plenty of sunshine, a pleasant ambience in the pentahotel Leipzig, insightful lectures and intensive interdisciplinary discussions on the latest aspects of the retinal vessel analysis and a very exciting experience among the participants dominated the IMEDOS User Meeting 2014.


The ophthalmologist as Microangiologist

Since the last user meeting in 2009, the results of the static and dynamic vessel analysis have become clinically better interpretable. This contributes to the increase of scientific publications to a variety of clinical issues in the various subject areas of vascular medicine. The retinal vessel analysis establishes itself as method for studying the microcirculation and complements the well-known test methods for macro-circulation.

The current clinical statements of retinal vessel analysis in the various subject areas were clearly shown based on the results of both large epidemiological studies as well as smaller ones examining different pathomechanisms.

The Static vessel analysis is suitable for screening of risks of cardiovascular diseases and microangiopathy in the body, to describe the vascular status and prognosis of retinal circulation disorders and for monitoring therapy- and prevention results.


Paradigm shift - towards microvascular function testing?

The lecture held by Prof. J. Flammer (Basel) on the role of primary vascular dysregulation in glaucoma-formation demonstrated the importance of retinal vessel analysis as a modern diagnostic methods for the detection of vascular dysregulation. From other presentations it became clear that the vascular dysfunction plays an important role in the progression of other diseases of the retina e.g. diabetic retinopathy and frequently already precedes these diseases.

The functional diagnostics with the Dynamic Vessel Analyzer (DVA) allows not only the quantification of vascular dysfunction but also their early detection in contrast to diagnosis based on visual inspection of the fundus.


Once again the team of Imedos would like to thank all participants for their stimulating discussions which were very useful for Imedos too. The Imedos team would like to thank all speakers for their excellent presentations and Prof. Dawczynski for the conference lead.

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