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New versions of Visualis and VesselMap shortly before release

New VesselMap screenshot

The new versions of Visualis and VesselMap bring great improvements especially for Static Vessel Analysis. The new VesselMap is modular and is able to combine under a new surface all functions of the older versions of VesselMap for research, the analysis of the oxygen saturation as well as all functions of the VesselMap2 (VM2) for the Static Vessel Analysis in accordance to the ARIC study.

By default the ARIC analysis and the follow up observation is included in the new 'VesselMap ARIC comfort'. The determination of the oxygen saturation as well as the free examination of all vessel branches can be purchased as additional modules.

The following improvements were build in:

Graphical user interface:

  • Revision of the complete user interface
  • Improved presentation of marked vessels
  • Improved vessel list

Static Vessel Analysis:

  • Significantly improved suppression of reflex strips
  • Improved handling of vessels with unclear vascular type
  • Summary protocol of several examinations


  • Direct open SGA examinations in Visualis
  • Editing of saved SGA examinations
  • Improved function to delete vessel sections
  • New function for connecting vessel segments
  • New Undo / Redo function
  • Direct printing to PDF files

This software will be released shortly and can be purchased by our user as an upgrade and for new user as a package.

Age: 16.06.2017


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