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Imedos sends congratulations to Mr. Jens Barthelmes from the University Hospital of Zurich.

With his work: “Severe retinal endothelial dysfunction in patients with ischemic cardiomyopathy” he won the “Best Abstract 2017-Price of the Swiss Society of Cardiology”.
(J. Barthelmes, M.P. Nägele, V. Ludovici, I. Sudano, F. Ruschitzka, A.J. Flammer: Severe retinal endothelial dysfunction in patients with ischemic cardiomyopathy. Cardiovascular Medicine 2017; 20: issue 517 May 2017 (Supplementum 27))

According to the preliminary study results  Mr. Barthelmes and his colleagues found that the endothelium-dependent flicker light-induced retinal vessel dilation measured with the Dynamic Vessel Analyzer seems to reflect the severity of coronary heart disease (CHD). A gradual reduction in vasodilatation between healthy persons, patients with cardiovascular risk factors, patients with existing CHD and patients with cardiac insufficiency due to CHD could be detected.
Since only a non-significant trend between the groups was detected with the previously known method for measuring the endothelial function, the FMD (flow-mediated vasodilation) on the brachial artery, the dynamic retinal vessel analysis with flicker light appears promising in assessing the severity of a coronary heart disease.

The link to the abstract:

Age: 07.08.2017


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