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New Development for animal experiments: Imaging and vessel analysis on eyes of small animals, especially on rats

Soon we expect the release of the RVA for imaging and retinal vessel analysis for small animals, especially for rats. This development is an international novelty for animal experimental examinations.

The new possibility to carry out examinations of the retinal vessel analysis from the animal model up to the humans with an identical method should be of high interest for the pharmacological research and development.

As a main step forward for exact measurements with the animal RVA is regarded that the imaging and the vessel analysis can be carried out without direct contact of the eye.

In contrast to the present method of imaging were the animal eye has to have a direct contact to the fundus camera and all results will be influenced by uncontrollable intra oculary pressure changes. Laboratory test already carried out were successful. Test for validating are not yet available. The development and testing was carried out in cooperation between Imedos, the Institute of Biomedicine Technique of the TU Ilmenau and the working group of Prof. H. Reitsamer of the University Clinic for Ophthalmology and Optometry of the PMU Salzburg.


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