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HART - Hypertension Research in Africa with Retinal Vessel Analysis

The Hypertension in Africa Research Team (HART) is a research focus of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the North-West University Potchefstroom (South Africa).

HART consists mostly of scientists who strive to perform cutting-edge research regarding the changes in vascular function that take place in several South African ethnic communities who develop hypertension and/or cardiovascular disease.

Arterial hypertension represents a major public health problem in South Africa and other African countries

In the center of the research therefore are the changes in vascular function in some South African ethnic groups, leading to the development of hypertension and subsequent cardiovascular diseases.

The Retinal Vessel Analysis by the DVA System is used by the researchers as an important component of hypertension research since 3 years.

On 06.09.2012, the new HART clinic was inaugurated in Potchefstroom. The invitation to the Dr. Walthard Vilser to speak at the opening ceremony underlines the value of the retinal vessel analysis.

Photo - Official opening of the Hypertension Research and Training Clinic, North –West University:

Front (left to right): Prof. A. Schutte, Dr. T. Eloff (Vice Chancellor)



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