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Cooperation with SABPA study

Dr. W. Vilser, CEO of IMEDOS, is a collaborator of the SABPA study (Sympathetic Activity and Ambulatory Blood Pressure in Africans).  This highly regarded international prospective cohort study was conducted in approximately 400 South African teachers from different ethnic-gender groups. The 3 year follow-up was successfully completed (88% participation) in 2011 - 2012 and retinal vessel analyses data was obtained. 

The SABPA study has as its main objective the evaluation of the sympathetic nervous system activity, endothelial function and progression of target organ damage in urban Africans and Caucasians. It is the first prospective study in Sub Saharan Africa examining these relationships taking into account psychosocial factors and addressing psychological distress. 

The SABPA team fulfilled criteria and was accepted to participate in the global multicenter, observational ambulatory ARTEMIS project.

Among other top international scientists, Dr. W. Vilser will support the principal investigator (PI) and research team with his extensive expertise in the field of retinal vessel analysis.

Photo - Dynamic retinal vessel analyses Research Team:

Front (left to right): Dr. W. Vilser, Ms. S. Booysen (SABPA teacher), Prof. L. Malan (PI), Mr. G.S. Motlhasedi (SABPA teacher), Prof. T. Ziemssen.

Back (left to right):  Prof. N.T. Malan, Dr. W. Smith.

Age: 11.10.2012


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