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Dynamic Vessel Analysis

dynamic vessel analysis

The performance potential of the dynamic vessel analysis is unique in the world. In the dynamic vessel analysis, the vessel diameters are determined not only as a function of the place in an individual frame but in addition also continuously as a function of time in a live video.

In combination with stimulation and provocation methods for retinal microcirculation and the geometrical resolution the function of vessels in a defined section can be assessed for the first time.

For research application, IMEDOS provides the RVAresearch (Retinal Vessel Analyzer), which comes with an exceptionally extensive range of extra functions.

The DVA (Dynamic Vessel Analyzer), which has been designed especially for clinical routine examinations, combines the high-grade fundus imaging system, the robust functions of static vessel analysis and the future-proof software for dynamic vessel analysis

Main components of the DVA system

  • Mydriatic fundus camera
  • CCD sensor, CCD analytical camera, b/w CCD camera
  • Computer, printer
  • Workstation WS-C1
  • Software: RVA software, Vesselmap2, Visualis


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