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Static Vessel Analysis

Examination - SVA-T

The static vessel analysis is your ideal starter in the innovative field of retinal vessel analysis. Our advanced systems for static vessel analysis are designed for hospital routine and examine the state of the vessels at the ocular fundus as representative for the whole body.

The performance potential is the early detection of microvascular changes with reference to different fundus images (constriction, widening of vessels) on the basis of the arterio-venous ratio. With special performance parameters and functions of the software VesselMap ARIC, the physician can judge the risk of vascular disease.

The systems for static vessel analysis are a combination of fundus imaging system and the analytical software VesselMap ARIC. There are several product versions available today.

Main components of the SVA system

  • Mydriatic or non-mydriatic fundus camera

    • nearly all actual models of Canon, Centervue, Kowa, Topcon, Zeiss

  • Digital high-resolution CCD color camera
  • PC
  • Workstation
  • Software: VesselMap ARIC, Visualis


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